Collection: SPS Corals

SPS corals, or Small Polyp Stony corals, are a diverse and intricate group found in tropical and subtropical marine environments worldwide. They are characterized by their small, densely packed polyps and intricate calcium carbonate skeletons, which form intricate branches or plates. SPS corals typically have a branching or tabular growth pattern, allowing them to maximize exposure to light and water flow. They come in a wide range of colors, from vibrant greens and blues to deep purples and pinks, often fluorescing under certain lighting conditions. These corals require intense lighting and strong water flow to thrive, mimicking their natural reef habitats. They are known for their fast growth rates under optimal conditions, creating complex reef structures and habitats for marine life. Proper water quality, stable parameters, and regular supplementation are crucial for their health and growth in aquariums. SPS corals are indicators of pristine reef conditions and are integral to coral reef ecosystems worldwide, contributing to biodiversity and reef resilience.

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