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What we offer

Our aim is to provide you with top shelf aquatic livestock and supplies whether it be a simple guppy, live coral, or saltwater fish. We are a one stop shop where you will find EVERYTHING you could ever need for your aquarium. Our store is a must visit!
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We stock a lot of freshwater livestock including discus, bettafish, community fish, and live plants as well as the associated supplies and equipment.


We are a one stop shop where you will find EVERYTHING you could ever need for your aquarium.

Saltwater Fish

The best selection locally, period. No one does it better in both quality and selection.

Live Coral

Our live coral holding tanks total more than 2500 gallons. We have a huge selection of corals ranging from $15 on up to $250 and sometimes more. What makes us different that is we regularly have colony or show sized pieces for sale; our store is not stocked with frags alone.




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Aquarium Maintenance

Routine maintenance

Let us manage your aquarium for you! We can design a maintenance plan that fits your budget and execute it perfectly. Whether you have a 5 gallon desktop aquarium or a 300 gallon built-in aquarium we can handle the cleaning and water changes and leave the best part for you to enjoy! Feeding and admiring your aquarium!


Do you need someone to help build your dream aquarium? Or are you thinking about having an aquaium put in your lobby/waiting room? We have designed and installed tanks for many situations, from dentist's offices to kid's bedrooms. Let us know what you're dreaming up and we can use our experience to design and install a system that will work for you!


Over our many years in this hobby we have seen it all. If you're having problems with your aquaium and need someone to come out and give you some ideas, let us help! Sometimes a simple oversight can cause huge problems in an aquarium and a consultation may be all you need!

Custom Aquariums

We do custom aquariums and stands! Acrylic, glass, or even fiberglass we can have your perfect aquarium built to your specifications! Contact us today!

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Aquatic Collection
1212 W Winton Ave
Hayward, CA 94545


We are centrally located within the San Francisco Bay Area just off of the 880 freeway and the San Mateo Bridge (highway 92).

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