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Aligator Pipefish

Aligator Pipefish

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Syngnathoides biaculeatus

Not Reef Safe

The Alligator Pipefish is a fascinating and slender fish resembling a miniature alligator with its elongated body and distinctive snout. Found in seagrass beds and mangroves, this unique pipefish primarily feeds on small crustaceans and zooplankton. While its intriguing appearance and calm demeanor can be appealing, the Alligator Pipefish is not considered reef safe due to its specialized dietary needs and potential to consume beneficial microfauna in the tank. Ideal for a dedicated species-specific setup, this fish requires a carefully maintained environment with plenty of hiding spots and a constant supply of live food to thrive.

These fish are for saltwater aquariums only.

Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image.

Approximate size: 4-6 inches

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