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Longnose Butterfly

Longnose Butterfly

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Forcipiger longirostris

Reef Safe

The Longnose Butterflyfish, also known as the Forcepsfish or Longnose Butterfly, is a graceful and charming addition to a marine aquarium. With its elongated snout and vibrant yellow body adorned with vertical black stripes, this butterflyfish adds a touch of elegance to any reef setup. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, it thrives in a well-established tank with plenty of swimming space and live rock for grazing. The Longnose Butterflyfish is generally reef safe, as it primarily feeds on small invertebrates and algae. However, caution should be exercised when keeping it with delicate corals or crustaceans, as it may occasionally nip at them. Providing a varied diet rich in vegetable matter and meaty foods will help ensure its health and vibrancy. Overall, the Longnose Butterflyfish is a delightful and peaceful species that brings both beauty and character to a marine aquarium.

These fish are for saltwater aquariums only.

Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image.

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