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Mandarin Goby

Mandarin Goby

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Synchiropus splendidus

Reef Safe with Caution

The Mandarin Goby, also known as the Mandarin Dragonet or Mandarin Fish, is a captivating and colorful addition to a reef aquarium. With its intricate patterns and vibrant hues of blue, orange, and green, this fish is a true gem of the ocean. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, it prefers a well-established tank with plenty of live rock and hiding places, as it spends much of its time foraging for small crustaceans and copepods. While the Mandarin Goby is generally peaceful, it may exhibit aggression towards other dragonets or similar-looking fish. Additionally, it has specific dietary requirements and may struggle to compete for food in heavily stocked aquariums. Providing a mature and stable tank with ample natural food sources is essential for the health and well-being of this species. Overall, the Mandarin Goby is a beloved species among reef enthusiasts for its beauty and unique behavior, but it requires careful consideration and dedication to thrive in captivity.

These fish are for saltwater aquariums only.

Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image.

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