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Sohal Tang

Sohal Tang

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Acanthurus sohal

Not Reef Safe

Though stunning in appearance, the Sohal Tang is not typically recommended for reef aquariums due to its aggressive nature and dietary preferences. With its vibrant blue body adorned with bold, contrasting stripes, this fish commands attention in any marine setup. However, it may exhibit territorial behavior towards other fish, particularly those of similar shape or coloration. Additionally, the Sohal Tang is primarily herbivorous, requiring a diet rich in algae and vegetable matter. While it may graze on algae in a reef tank, it may also nip at or consume certain corals and invertebrates, posing a risk to the delicate balance of a reef ecosystem. Therefore, the Sohal Tang is best suited for larger fish-only aquariums with plenty of swimming space and hiding spots to accommodate its aggressive tendencies. Despite its unsuitability for reef environments, the Sohal Tang remains a popular choice among experienced marine enthusiasts seeking a bold and charismatic addition to their fish-only setups.

These fish are for saltwater aquariums only.

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